Sunday, 11 March 2012

Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer - Review

Death Bringer is the sixth book in a series wrote by an Irish man named Derek Landly. The series is unique and very enjoyable. It follows two main characters; Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain. Skulduggery is technically dead, though his life as a walking and talking skeleton is still rich with excitement. He can also do magic (and is very good at it). His role in the story is being awesome and fighting crimes. Valkyrie is a sorcerer and detective with mysterious ancestry and incredible power. She is Skulduggery’s partner in crime-fighting and has only recently been introduced to magic.

Death Bringer has somehow introduced a new way for Valkyrie and Skulduggery to save the world from utter terror. It focuses on necromancy (death magic). Necromancers believe that someone with ultimate power can rid the earth of death, meaning immortality for everyone. This person is called The Death Bringer. The Death Bringer’s job is simple… kill millions of people all at the same time.

I loved this book. It was anything I could have asked for in a book. Derek Landly’s style of writing is incredible, in my opinion. His book usually make me laugh incredibly (this one still did) but it got serious awfully fast. From the first chapter this book is awesome. There is rarely a boring part in any of his books and I have often lost track of time while reading them. Death Bringer was fast paced, with lots of action, humour and twist. I can happily say that the romance in the book is not silly or cliche and there isn’t much of it at all, which is great.  The end, I liked especially. It’s not the only time Derek has left readers with a cliff-hanger. I’d recommend this book to anyone who really wants to have a good time reading. Maybe nine is the minimum I would say to start reading the series. But if you want to read Death Bringer maybe eleven is the minimum; because I do recall a fair amount of violence and the book isn't small. But I guess it depends on who the reader is. 

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Great review!
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