Saturday, 21 April 2012

Term 1 Reflection

Term one has been pretty decent I guess. It introduced us to the many new opportunities. One thing I noticed first off is that with most classes we just started. No silly name games or whatever which I enjoyed because the extra time to actually learn is needed. English was fun. I did learn a bit. The majority of it I learnt from my teacher last year. I still think homework is a waste of time, on the internet or not. With the exception of maybe a piece of important work you didn’t finish in class. Though I’m still certain I got more homework in term 1 as a year nine as I do now. But I’m not complaining…
I’m glad we didn’t get CONNECTION drilled into our brains like we did last year. That was lame, having to get social with everyone who was in the same room with you for ten or so weeks. I don’t love everyone miss Impey… so that’s all for my crazy rant at the moment.

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