Monday, 11 June 2012

Collaborative Story - Part 4

 I stopped and flopped onto the ground, and waited for Casey to come and devour my body. I waited, and waited, and kept waiting, but nothing happened. I sat up and looked in the direction that I came from, and I saw a hooded figure with a shovel, standing over what used to be my happy, loud best friend. 

Maybe its just the fact I probably don't have any sanity left but this man seems to have the most friendly grin i have seen. He limped up to me, wrapped in his urine stained blanket. I get up just in case I need to run away but something tells me this man isn't the kind of guy that will eat me like my best friend had just attempted to. No. Eventually his limp turns into a faced pace shuffle. He mumbles something... He realizes he should drop his shovel and focus on eating my brains. I start to sprint but not for very long because I trip up on the curb. Hes close to me now, the many wrinkles on his face visible. I start to shed tears. This mysterious man does not eat me but instead lifts his hand from his blanket and reveals a ice cream cone with melted strawberry ice cream dribbled down the side. "I heard you talking to your friend before," He grumbled "I thought you might like mine..." he handed it over "its very unfortunate about your friend, shame really. " "yeah..." I managed to say. I was bleeding and crying and some stranger just gave me an ice cream.    

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Mitchell said...

I don't know whats happening with the format of it towards the end... couldn't fix it.