Monday, 13 February 2012

My Holiday

My holiday was a rather unproductive one. But some of the more exciting things included movies, friends and swimming. Though the only movie I saw at the cinemas was "We Bought a Zoo" because my friends mum thought it sounded awesome. But my friend and I just spent more of the time eating popcorn; so it really didn't bother me much. And I got plenty of burns from staying out in the sun too much. I also managed to sit on a triangle.
Well, a large amount of my holidays was camping at a place called Orere Point My family and I spent about two weeks there. We left a few days after Christmas, did exciting things while it rained, and left about a week after new years. A few things i did there were swimming, wandering and the dishes. And when I wasn't doing those things, I was at home reading or watching TV.

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Melissa said...

Is this Mitchell H?
Good post, but there are a few things to fix up - don't start your sentences with but or and.
What do you mean you sat on a triangle?
Cool that you got to go away in the holidays and great to see you managed to include a link in your post.
Thanks for doing your home learning :)